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The head of a stapler for mucosectomy comprises an external goblet-shaped body (1) wherein an internal goblet-shaped body (2) is concentrically and slidingly located, at the edge of which a circular blade (3) is fixed. The internal goblet-shaped body (2) is provided with a central hole (5) wherein a rod (6) is slidingly inserted, at the end (7) of which an anvil (8; 8') is fixed. One or more annular grooves (11), which are parallel and suitably spaced one from the other, are formed on the lateral surface of the rod (6) perpendicularly to the axis thereof. Said grooves (11) are intended to receive a portion of mucosa (9a) which is included in a purse string suture as the mucosa is tied around the rod (6). By retracting the rod (6) in the central hole (5) of the stem (2a) of the internal goblet-shaped body (2) the mucosa to be removed is carried into the internal goblet-shaped body (2). The anvil (8; 8') and the circular blade (3) are moved closer one to the other, by suitable means, in order to cut the tissues when the stapler is in a closed position.

Stapler for mucosectomy
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March 7, 2007
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September 12, 2008
David Dante
Rebuffat Carlo
CONCONE Emanuele
David Dante
Rebuffat Carlo
A61B 17/28
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A61B 17/115
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