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A method of using honeycomb material having opposite surfaces and flow channels between the surfaces, includes directing fluid flow through the channels while applying a voltage between the surfaces and across fluid flowing in the channels. A method of using honeycomb material that includes at least one electrode, the honeycomb material and electrode be useful in an electrical or electronic device, includes using the honeycomb material to support or to suspend the electrical or electronic device. An apparatus includes a honeycomb structure of dielectric material having a number of flow channels therethrough, an electrode at a surface of the dielectric material responsive to electrical input to apply an electrical response alone or with regard to another electrode, the honeycomb structure having cohesive strength and rigidity to support itself and the electrode from in suspended relation.

Honeycomb structure and method of using the structure
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January 25, 2008
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July 31, 2008
Goudy Jr Paul R
SKLAR Warren A
Goudy Jr Paul R
Ion A Z
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