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A fluid cooled electrical capacitor assembly (10) includes a stack of honeycomb sheet-like structures (12) of dielectric material with an electrode (16) between each pair of honeycomb sheet-like structures. Alternate electrodes are electrically coupled together to each other and may be coupled to respective terminals of an electrical circuit. Fluid passages (20) in the honeycomb sheet-like structures provide a place for fluid (20a) to affect electrical characteristics of the capacitor assembly and/or to provide for cooling while preventing the fluid from contacting the electrodes. A method of assembling a capacitor assembly includes placing capacitor subunits including a dielectric honeycomb sheet-like structure and an electrode in parallel planar, overlying relation with the honeycomb. A method of cooling a capacitor assembly of dielectric honeycomb structure and electrodes includes directing a fluid through flow channels in the honeycomb structure.

Dielectric fluid cooled electrical capacitor and methods of making and using
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January 25, 2008
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July 31, 2008
Goudy Paul R Jr
SKLAR Warren A
Goudy Paul R Jr
Ion A Z
H01G 02/08
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