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The invention provides transgene constructs for expressing chimeric antibodies, and transgenic non-human host animals carrying such constructs, wherein the chimeric antibodies comprise human variable regions and constant regions of the non-human transgenic host animal. The presence of immunoglobulin constant regions of the host animal allows for generation of improved antibodies in such transgenic host animals. Subsequently, the chimeric antibodies can be readily converted to fully human antibodies using recombinant DNA techniques. Thus, the invention provides compositions and methods for generating human antibodies in which chimeric antibodies raised in vivo in transgenic mice are used as intermediates and then converted to fully human antibodies in vitro.

Transgenic animals expressing chimeric antibodies for use in preparing human antibodies
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March 30, 2007
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October 18, 2007
Black Amelia
Brams Peter
Tanamachi Dawn M
GAVIN Kimberley A
Black Amelia
Brams Peter
Tanamachi Dawn M
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