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(EN) A feeding structure of a housing with an antenna is provided. In the feeding structure, a flat antenna can be fixed inconspicuously to the outer surface of the housing which is hard to be affected by a metal component and power can be supplied to the flat antenna without providing a through hole causing poor appearance. The feeding structure comprises a housing (2); a decoration film (3) covering at least a part of the outer wall face of the housing (2); a flat antenna (6) held between the outer wall face of the housing (2) and the decoration film (3); and an electrode (7) provided on the inner wall face of the housing (2). A capacitor is formed by arranging the feeding section (6a) of the flat antenna (6) and the electrode (7) on the opposite sides of the housing (2) and noncontact power transmission and communication are performed for the flat antenna (6) on the outside of the housing (2) from the inside of the housing (2) by connecting an inductor (8) with the electrode (7).(JA)  金属部品による影響を受けにくい筺体外面に目立たない状態で平面アンテナを取り付けることができ、且つ外観不良の原因となる貫通孔を設けることなくその平面アンテナに給電することができる本発明のアンテナ付き筺体の給電構造は、筺体2と、この筺体2の外壁面の少なくとも一部を被覆する装飾フィルム3と、筺体2の外壁面と装飾フィルム3との間に挟装される平面アンテナ6と、筺体2の内壁面に設けられる電極7とを有し、平面アンテナ6の給電部6aと電極7とを筺体2の両面に対向配置することによりキャパシタを形成するとともに、電極7にインダクタ8を接続することにより、筺体2外部の平面アンテナ6に対し筺体2内部から非接触で電力伝送および通信が行なえるように構成してなることを特徴とする。

(Ja) アンテナ付き筺体の給電構造
(En) Feeding structure of housing with antenna
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February 19, 2007
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August 23, 2007
Okumura Shuzo
Ishibashi Tatsuo
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Okumura Shuzo
Ishibashi Tatsuo
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