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Compositions and methods for forming hydrocarbon products from triglycerides are disclosed. In one aspect, the methods involve the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of syngas derived in whole or in part from glycerol. In another aspect, the methods involve the Kolbe electrolysis of fatty acids derived from the hydrolysis of triglycerides. The Kolbe electrolysis products and/or the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis products can be subjected to molecular averaging reactions, hydrocracking reactions, isomerization reactions, and the like, to form products in the distillate fuel range, and/or products in the lube base oil range. Thus, vegetable oils and/or animal fats can be converted using water, electricity, catalysts, and heat, into conventional products in the distillate fuel range virtually indistinguishable from those commercially available today. Indeed, the main distinguishing feature is that the products will have virtually no sulfur, nitrogen or aromatic content.

Improved biodiesel fuel, additives, and lubbricants
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August 29, 2006
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March 8, 2007
Bradin David
GRUNE Guerry
Bradin David
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