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(EN) In a biochemical measuring instrument, each light receiving section (115A-115C) of a photosensor (11) receives infrared light having a wavelength corresponding to a component being measured out of infrared light emitted from a living body. A measurement object temperature sensor (13) and humidity sensor (15) measure the temperature at a part being measured and the humidity in a space between the part being measured and the photosensor, respectively at measuring. In a concentration calculation algorithm (35), output value from each light receiving section (115A-115C) based on the light radiated from the living body is corrected by output values related to the temperature at a part being measured, and the humidity in a space between the part being measured and the photosensor. The other signal intensity is corrected using one signal intensity between correlated signal intensities out of signal intensities from respective light receiving sections (115A-115C) thus calculating the concentration of the component.(JA)  生化学計測器において、光センサ(11)の各受光部(115A~115C)は、それぞれ生体が放射する赤外光のうち、測定する成分に応じた波長の赤外光を受光する。測定対象温度センサ(13)、湿度センサ(15)は、それぞれ、測定時における測定部位の温度、測定部位と光センサとの間の空間の湿度を測定する。濃度算出アルゴリズム(35)において、各受光部(115A~115C)での出力値が、生体からの放射光による出力値は測定部位の温度、および測定部位と光センサとの間の空間の湿度に関連する出力値によって補正される。また、各受光部(115A~115C)からの信号強度のうち、相関する信号強度間で一方の信号強度を用いて他方の信号強度が補正され、上記成分の濃度が算出される。

(Ja) 生体の成分に関する情報を正確に測定できる生化学計測器
(En) Biochemical measuring instrument for measuring information about component of living body accurately
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May 8, 2006
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January 18, 2007
Sakoda Yusaku
Sakoda Yusaku
Omron Healthcare
G01N 21/35
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