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The invention provides a method and apparatus for identifying gestures (PAN, ZOOM, ROTATE) performed by a user to control an interactive display. The gestures are identified based on a bounding box enclosing the points ((Xl, Yl), (X2, Y2)) at which a user contacts a touch sensor corresponding with the display surface. The invention thus permits the use of inexpensive and highly reliable grid-based touch sensors that provide a bounding box to describe contact information. In identifying the gestures, the position, motion, shape, and deformation of the bounding box may all be considered. In particular, the center (C), width (w), height (h), aspect ratio, length of the diagonal (d), and orientation of the diagonal of the bounding box may be determined. A stretch factor, defined as the maximum of the ratio of the height of the bounding box to the width of the bounding box and the ratio of the width of the bounding box to the height of the bounding box, may also be computed. Finally, gestures may be identified based on the changes in time of these characteristics and quantities.

Bounding box gesture recognition on a touch detecting interactive display
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May 18, 2006
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November 30, 2006
Hillis W Daniel
GLENN Michael A
Hillis W Daniel
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