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A surgical instrument includes a jaw assembly (2) comprising first and second jaw members (3 and 4) pivotally connected one to the other so as to be movable between respective open and closed positions. First and second handle members (8 and 12) are connected to the first and second jaw members (3 and 4) respectively, the first and second handle members each including a hollow tubular portion (10 and 14) at its distal end. The first and second jaw members (3 and 4) each include an extension (6 and 7) at its proximal end. The external diameter of each extension (6 and 7), and the internal diameter of each tubular portion (10 and 14) are such that each handle member (8 and 12) is connected to a respective one of the jaw members (3 and 4) by means of a press-fit connection. To allow for manufacturing tolerances, the extensions (6 and 7) each include one or more externally-facing ribs (19a to 19j), the height of the ribs increasing from a first height towards the first end of each extension (6 and 7) to a second height towards the second end of that extension.

A surgical instrument
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April 26, 2006
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November 30, 2006
Robinson David Bryan
Bosshard Mark Richard
PRATT David Martin
Robinson David Bryan
Bosshard Mark Richard
Gyrus Medical
Gyrus Medical
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