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A method of producing a thermoplastic film, which can increase uniformity of Re and Rth of a thermoplastic film obtained by stretching, and which can provide a thermoplastic film having few display irregularities when the film is incorporated into a liquid crystal display device as a retardation film, and a thermoplastic film produced by the method are provided. In a tenter, both ends in the width direction of the film are held with clips and the film is simultaneously stretched in the traveling direction A and the width direction B. By this, a thermoplastic film in which the number of adhesion marks is 10 marks/m2 or less, the in-plane retardation Re is 0 nm to 500 nm and the retardation Rth in the thickness direction is 30 nm to 500 nm is produced.

Thermoplastic film and method of producing the same
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July 27, 2005
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February 9, 2006
Hashimoto Kiyokazu
Otoshi Masaaki
Hashimoto Kiyokazu
Otoshi Masaaki
Fujifilm Corporation
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B29L 07/00
B29L 11/00
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