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A multi-channel audio system using a wireless transmission network used in a home theater includes: a master decoding an input multi-channel audio stream, outputting the decoded multi-channel audio stream, extracting a predetermined audio stream supported by a slave from the input multi-channel audio stream, and transmitting the extracted audio stream by wireless; and the slave transmitting information on an audio stream supported by the slave among a multi-channel audio stream to the master, receiving the extracted audio stream by wireless, decoding the received audio stream, and outputting the decoded audio stream. Accordingly, by extracting only data necessary to a slave and transmitting the data, a multi-channel audio system using a wireless network in which data is transmitted by saving a data bandwidth in a wireless communication environment in which a bandwidth of transmitted/received data is limited.

Multi-channel audio system
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June 15, 2005
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December 29, 2005
Park Sung Wook
Park Pan Gie
Ko Jung Wan
YP LEE MOCK The Cheonghwa Building 1571 18 Seocho dong Seocho gu Seoul 137 874
Samsung Electronics
G11B 20/10
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