An apparatus and method are disclosed for improving a medical infusion pump. Users of medical infusion pumps, such as insulin pumps (100), require a bolus of a medication at insulin pumps (100). The disclosed medical infusion pump (100) determines bolus time intervals (255) during which boluses are usually taken, and, alerts the user at one or more calculated alert times during an active bolus time interval when a bolus has not yet been delivered during the active bolus time interval. Advantageously, a different set of bolus time intervals are determined by day of week (253), to accommodate, for example, different bolus patterns during weekends versus weekdays.

Medical infusion pump capable of learning bolus time patterns and providing bolus alerts
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April 21, 2005
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December 15, 2005
Roth Steven W
Bruess Steven C
Smiths Medical Mdinc
G05D 07/00
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