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An organic EL display apparatus including in each display pixel an organic EL element. A drive transistor supplies a drive current that depends on brightness data and having the display pixels arranged in a matrix form. The display includes a correction gain storage unit for storing display pixel positions and a correction gain for correcting the slope of the brightness-data-based drive current of the drive transistors in the display pixels; and a correction unit for correcting pixel-by-pixel brightness data depending on the pixel position using the correction gain stored in the correction gain storage unit into brightness data for the pixel to generate corrected brightness data, each of the display pixels is displayed by driving its drive transistor in response to the data generated by the correction gain storage unit and the correction unit and supplying the corresponding organic EL element with the drive current.

Organic electroluminescent display apparatus
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March 17, 2005
Publication Date
October 27, 2005
Kohno Makoto
Onomura Kouichi
Mori Nobuyuki
Mizukoshi Seiichi
Kohno Makoto
Onomura Kouichi
Mori Nobuyuki
Mizukoshi Seiichi
Eastman Kodak Company
G09G 03/32
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