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Vectors and methods for the production of influenza viruses suitable as recombinant influenza vaccines in cell culture are provided. Bi-directional expression vectors for use in a multi-plasmid influenza virus expression system are provided. Additionally, the invention provides methods of producing influenza viruses with enhanced ability to replicate in embryonated chicken eggs and/or cells (e.g., Vero and/or MDCK) and further provides influenza viruses with enhanced replication characteristics. In addition, the present invention includes an improved method of rescue, wherein animal cells (e.g., SF Vero cells) are electroporated with plasmids and vectors of the invention.

Multi plasmid system for the production of influenza virus
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December 22, 2004
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July 14, 2005
Kemble George
Duke Greg
ALBAN Patrick Scott
Kemble George
Duke Greg
Medimmune Vaccines
C12N 15/63
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