A technique is disclosed by which a weight scale [Fig. 1, item 110], having electronic output, is couplable to a processing device such as a computer [item 102], and preferably, a hand-held computer, PDA [item 104], cell phone [item 106] or the like. The processing device is configured to receive weight inputs from the weight scale and identification information of the food or food ingredients being weighed, and then convert the gram weight of the food into grams of carbohydrate [Fig. 2, item 206] and protein [item 208] for that food. For diabetes applications, the process also converts the carbohydrate and protein information into rapid-acting insulin dosages which can then be used to determine manually the amount of insulin to be dosed to the person with diabetes [item 212]. In a preferred embodiment, the calculated insulin dosages information is automatically provided to a insulin pump or other automatic means of dosing insulin to a patient to thereby automatically dose the patient properly.

Method, system, and computer program for performing carbohydrate/insulin calculation based upon food weight
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October 25, 2004
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May 6, 2005
Singley Judy
Singley Judy
G06F 07/48
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