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A patient interface assembly (10) that includes a patient interface device (12), a headgear (22), and coupling member (76, 78, 179, 206) joining the interface device to a headgear assembly. In one embodiment, a spring (124, 184, 186) biases the patient interface device against the patient’s face when in use. In a further embodiment, the patient interface device is a nasal cushion (28) that includes a formable support (42) mounted to the nasal cushion for providing support and adjustment of the nasal cushion to improve fit and comfort. The headgear assembly in one embodiment is a semi-rigid, minimal contact harness assembly and includes an adjustment assembly (154, 163) that allows for a simultaneous adjustment of multiple straps. An angular adjustment assembly (78) on the headgear provide a gross adjustment of the position of the interface relative to the patient and a biasing force to urge the patient interface device against the patient’s face. In a further embodiment, a pair of rigid connecting members (208) couple the patient interface device to the headgear.

Patient interface assembly and system using same
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August 16, 2004
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March 3, 2005
Dolhen Chris
Stonis Luke
Andrews Derrik
Busch Lance
Lordo Richard J
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