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A data integration system and method collects and stores customer information from disparate information sources in real-time. The stored information can be retrieved and assembled for presentation to a user according to the role and/or security profile of the user. The customer information is presented through a 360° viewer, which is embedded in an application or a browser, or runs as a standalone viewer. A data correlation system and method correlates data records collected from disparate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications using a three-tier approach comprising deterministic correlation, heuristic correlation and historical correlation. The correlation rules are fully configurable and extensible.

Data integration system and method for presenting 360° customer views
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January 23, 2003
Publication Date
December 9, 2004
Torrance John
Foster Gary
Severson Eric
Handerhan Patrick
Paracha Bipin
Myers William P
Barry Jeffrey
Wavell Rufus
Pope Benjamin
Harper Jonathan E
Seurat Company
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