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An oral snuff product (10). To further improve the packaging of smokeless tobacco doses so that the tobacco product at each single instance can be made more easily accessible to the user in a wider range of desired amounts, the product comprises a plurality of product unit doses (18) in the shape of compacted pellets. The unit doses (18) are sealed in pockets (20) in a spaced relation one after another, between layers of flexible sheet permeable to tobacco ingredients. The layers of sheet are bonded together face to face outside said unit doses (18) and form a band (12) joining the unit doses (18) together. The band (12) is also separable between adjacent unit doses (18) selectable by the user. The unit doses have a weight and size allowing the user at each instance to optionally select one unit dose or two or more connected unit doses to be put into the mouth of the user. A method of producing an oral snuff product is also disclosed.

Oral snuff product and method for producing the same
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April 28, 2004
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November 11, 2004
Lundin Jörgen
Hodin Fredrik
Arnarp Jan
Lundin Jörgen
Hodin Fredrik
Arnarp Jan
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