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A method and apparatus for recording on an optical recording medium, including the recording of management information, are described as a standard for the write-once Blu-ray disc. The management information is recorded in a management area of the disc, such as a temporary defect management area (TDMA), and includes record status information and update information. The record status information is a space bitmap (SBM) indicating whether a recording operation has been performed for a predetermined area of the disc, and the update information is SBM update information indicating whether the record status information is to be continuously managed. The SBM update information is recorded in the TDMA and is stored in a memory of an optical disc recording/reproducing device for use during recording and reproducing operations. At the time of recording, an SBM-on state enables a logical overwriting operation to be performed as necessary.

Method for recording on optical recording medium and apparatus using the same
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November 27, 2003
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September 16, 2004
Kim Sung Dae
Park Yong Cheol
BAHNG Hae Cheol
Lg Electronics
G11B 20/18
G11B 20/12
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