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The present disclosure relates to a connector (20) for electromechanically connecting an electrosurgical cable (16) to a flexible circuit board (302) of a surgical instrument. The connector includes a fixed portion (20a) having a cavity defined therein which includes a wire guide block (406). A series of wire slots (407a-c) are defined within the wire guide block wherein each wire slot is dimensioned to receive a respective conductive wire disposed within the electrosurgical cable. The connector also includes a cap portion (20b) designed for selective, friction-fit engagement with the cavity of the fixed portion. The cap portion includes a series of detents (502a-d) which define a corresponding series of slots (505a-c) therebetween for wedging the conductive wires of the cable against a series of corresponding terminal contacts disposed on the flexible circuit board.

System and method for connecting an electrosurgical instrument to a generator
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February 3, 2004
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September 2, 2004
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Sartor Joe Don
Robinson William S
Arts Gene
Sartor Joe Don
Robinson William S
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