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A disposable, wearable, self-contained insulin dispensing device comprising a housing 2, an insulin source in said housing and adapted for pumping insulin from said insulin source to a catheter 8 for injection of insulin in a user of the device, the catheter being associated with the housing and projecting generally perpendicularly to a generally planar surface of the housing intended for abutting a skin surface of the user, an adhesive layer 11 being provided on the planar surface for adhering the surface to the skin surface, and a removable release sheet 12 covering the adhesive layer for protecting the adhesive layer prior to use of the device, the release sheet being provided with catheter protection means 13 to enclose and protect an end portion of the catheter such that removal of the release sheet for exposing the adhesive layer exposes the end portion, and the pump means comprising an actuator comprising a shape memory alloy wire.

A disposable wearable insulin dispensing device, a combination of such a device and a programming controller and a method of controlling the operation of such a device
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November 4, 2003
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May 21, 2004
Lyngsee Michael Gorm
Morten Mernøe
BUDDE SCHOU Vester Søgade 10 DK 1601 Copenhagen V
Lyngsee Michael Gorm
Morten Mernøe
M 2 Medical
A61M 05/158
A61M 05/145
A61M 05/142
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