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A defective area on a write-once type optical recording medium, e.g., such as a BD-WO, is effectively managed with a method that can efficiently replace and/or record data that has been recorded in a defective area of the disc, e.g., in a spare area of a data area of the BD-WO. During the reproduction of data, the data that has been recorded and replaced can be read out and reproduced from an area other than a spare area. New TDFL information may be recorded cumulatively with the previous TDFL information as defect management information for the defective area, or repeatedly recorded at least twice in a certain recording region, e.g., a recording region chosen from a lead-in area, the data area, and a lead-out area, so that the temporary defect list information can be accurately and reliably secured.

Optical disc, method and apparatus for managing a defective area on an optical disc of write once type
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September 26, 2003
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April 8, 2004
Kim Sung Dae
Park Yong Cheol
BAHNG Hae Cheol
Lg Electronics
G11B 07/00
G11B 11/00
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