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A high-density optical disc such as BD-RE (Blu-ray Disc Rewritable) or BD-ROM, and a recording/reproducing method thereof are disclosed. Diverse additional information such as disc reflectivity information, disc layer information or disc type information is efficiently recorded in a particular information field included in a data unit recorded on the burst cutting area of a high-density optical disc or a particular 1-byte address field included in an address unit recorded on the high-density optical disc so that it can be read when the high-density optical disc is loaded in an optical disc apparatus or when a data recording or reproducing operation for the high-density optical disc is carried out. Accordingly, it is possible to achieve optimal optical power control and automatic gain control or identification of a current position, while enabling a normal data recording or reproducing operation corresponding to the type of the optical disc.

High-density optical disc and recording/reproducing method thereof
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August 21, 2003
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March 4, 2004
Suh Sang Woon
Jeon Ik Beom
PARK Lae Bong
Lg Electronics
G11B 07/24
G11B 07/005
G11B 07/0037
G11B 07/007
G11B 27/32
G11B 20/12
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