(EN) A process for producing a permanent magnet whereby a rare earth-iron-boron permanent magnet or bond magnet being excellent in magnetic characteristics can be easily obtained in high yield without process complication by the utilization of shear plastic deformation not having been employed in the conventional production of magnet alloys. In particular, a process comprising the step (A) of providing a magnet raw alloy having a composition comprising 11.3 to 16.5 atomic % of R consisting of at least one member of rare earth metal elements including Y, 4.7 to 7.4 atomic % of B and the remainder of M containing Fe and the step (B) of carrying out shear plastic deformation of the magnet raw alloy.(JA) 従来、磁石合金の製造には採用されていない剪断塑性変形を利用することで、工程の煩雑さがなく、歩留まり良く磁石特性に優れた希土類−鉄−ボロン系の永久磁石又はボンド磁石を容易に得ることができる永久磁石の製造方法である。本発明の製造方法は、Yを含む希土類金属元素の少なくとも1種からなるRを11.3~16.5原子%と、ボロン4.7~7.4原子%と、鉄を含む残部Mとからなる組成を有する磁石原料合金を準備する工程(A)と、前記磁石原料合金を剪断塑性変形する工程(B)とを含む。

(Ja) 希土類−鉄−ボロン系磁石の製造方法
(En) Process for producing rare earth-iron-boron magnet
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August 5, 2003
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February 12, 2004
Abe Hiroshi
Fuke Akitoshi
Murakami Ryo
Yamamoto Kazuhiko
SAKAI Hajime
Abe Hiroshi
Fuke Akitoshi
Murakami Ryo
Yamamoto Kazuhiko
Santoku Corporation
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H01F 01/057
C22C 01/04
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