(EN) A permanent magnet of rare earth-iron-boron plastic deformation alloy wherein contained crystal grains have a specified average grain diameter and which has extremely low oxygen and carbon contents and is excellent in magnetic properties; and a process for producing the same. This permanent magnet comprises a plastic deformation alloy which has a composition comprising 11.3 to 16.5 atomic % of R consisting of at least one member of rare earth metal elements including Y, 4.7 to 7.4 atomic % of B and the remainder of M containing Fe, whose oxygen and carbon contents are 1500 ppm or less and 300 ppm or less, respectively, and wherein contained crystal grains have an average grain diameter of 0.3 to 10 μm.(JA) 含有される結晶粒が特定の平均粒径を有し、酸素量及び炭素量が極めて少なく、しかも磁気特性に優れた希土類−鉄−ボロン系の塑性変形合金からなる永久磁石及びその製造方法であって、該永久磁石は、Yを含む希土類金属元素の少なくとも1種からなるRを11.3~16.5原子%と、ボロン4.7~7.4原子%と、鉄を含む残部Mとからなる組成を有し、酸素含有量が1500ppm以下、炭素含有量が300ppm以下であり、含有される結晶粒の平均粒径が0.3~10μmである塑性変形合金からなる。

(Ja) 永久磁石及びその製造方法
(En) Permanent magnet and process for producing the same
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August 5, 2003
Publication Date
February 12, 2004
Abe Hiroshi
Fuke Akitoshi
Murakami Ryo
Yamamoto Kazuhiko
SAKAI Hajime
Abe Hiroshi
Fuke Akitoshi
Murakami Ryo
Yamamoto Kazuhiko
Santoku Corporation
H01F 41/02
H01F 01/057
C22C 01/04
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