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(EN) An information processor such as a computer or a video game machine having an input system using a stroboscope. An object is intermittently illuminated and imaged. The differences between emission video signals and corresponding non-emission video signals are calculated. While suppressing the influences of the static image of the background other than the object that is moving and of the noise components of a fixed light source, the position, size, speed, acceleration, motion locus pattern of the object are accurately measured through simple information processing and inputted into an information processor. When the information processor is a game machine (12) and the object is a golf club-shaped input device (14), the invention is applied to a golf game system (10).(JA) not available

(Ja) ストロボスコープを使った入力システムを備える情報処理装置
(En) Information processor having input system using stroboscope
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June 20, 2003
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January 8, 2004
Nakagawa Katsuya
Ueshima Hiromu
YAMADA Yoshito
Nakagawa Katsuya
Ueshima Hiromu
Ssd Company
G06T 07/20
A63F 13/10
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