Animal feeds, which include compositions utilizing mucosa byproducts derived from mucosal material, such as digested gut material, are provided. The feeds can include a mucosa byproduct which contains at least about 10 wt.% nucleic acid material; at least about 20 wt.% mucopolysaccharides; and no more than about 10 wt.% proteinaceous material. The mucosa byproduct is produced by a process which includes digesting animal mucosal material to form a mucosal digest; and separating the mucosal digest to provide (a) a protein-enriched stream and (b) a polyanionic-enriched stream, which includes mucopolysaccharides and nucleic acid material.

Animal feed composition_comprising mucosa byproduct
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June 18, 2003
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December 31, 2003
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Cook David A
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