A rear view mirror is described which comprises a first optical element of transparent material through which a proportion of the incident light is transmitted and from an incident face of which a proportion of the incident light is reflected. Behind the first optical element is positioned a second optical element in the form of a reflector movable between a first position in which it lies substantially parallel to the first element such that light is reflected thereby in the same direction as light reflected from the incident face of the first element, and a second position in which it lies at such an angle to the first element that no light incident on it through the said first element is reflected from any part of its area towards the eye of an observer positioned to receive light reflected from the first element. The optical elements are contained within a housing the interior of which has a surface form such that any part of it visible through the first element either directly or via reflection from the said second element has a relatively reflectivity sufficiently low as to provide a suitable background for viewing in the second position of the second element.

Anti glare rear view mirror
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February 6, 2003
Publication Date
August 14, 2003
Milner Peter James
BRYER Kenneth Robert
Milner Peter James
Bending Light
B60R 01/08
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