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A system, including software components, that efficiently and dynamically analyzes changes to data sources, including application programs, whithin an integration environment and simulatneously re-codes dynamic adapters between the data sources is disclosed. The system also monitors at least two of said data sources to detect similarities (3) within the data structures of said data sources and generates new dynamic adapters to integrate said at least two of said data sources. The system also provides real time error validation of dynamic adapters as well as performance optimization of newly created dynamic adapters that have been generated (5) under changing environmental conditions.

System and method for autonomously generating heterogeneous data source interoperability bridges based on semantic modeling derived from self adapting ontology
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December 24, 2002
Publication Date
July 24, 2003
Lucky David Eugene
Rasmussen Steven John
Reynolds Ronald Joseph
Bain Mary Elizabeth
Bohorquez Yuri Adrian Tijerino
Alumbaugh Elizabeth A
LEAL Peter R
G06F 09/44
G06F 17/00
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