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A valve prosthesis device (20) is disclosed suitable for implantation in body ducts. The device comprises a support stent (22), comprised of a deployable construction adapted to be initially crimped in a narrow configuration suitable for catheterization through the body duct to a target location and adapted to be deployed by exerting substantially radial forces from within by means of a deployment device (48) to a deployed state in the target location, and a valve assembly (28) comprising a flexible conduit having an inlet end (24) and an outlet (26), made of pliant material (29) attached to the support beams (23) providing collapsible slack portions of the conduit at the outlet. The support stent is provided with a plurality of longitudinally rigid support beams (23) of fixed length. When flow is allowed to pass through the valve prosthesis device from the inlet to the outlet, the valve assembly is kept in an open position, whereas a reverse flow is prevented as the collapsible slack portions of the valve assembly collapse inwardly providing blockage to the reverse flow.

Implantable prosthetic valve
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October 11, 2002
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June 12, 2003
Zakai Avraham
Bash Assaf
Benichu Netanel
Spenser Benjamin
Zakai Avraham
Bash Assaf
Benichu Netanel
Spenser Benjamin
Percutaneous Valve Technologies
A61F 02/06
A61F 02/24
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