A method for selectively removing metal from a metallized substrate (e.g., a metallized polymer film) and the formation of devices thereby are provided. The method involves selectively exposing the metallized surface to a demetallizing (i.e., an oxidizing) chemical solution. The metallized layer can be selectively exposed to the demetallizing solution using a flexographic printing process wherein printing rollers are used to transfer the demetallizing solution to the metallized surface. An identification device (10) including, for example, a holographic, retro-reflective, or other metallized material (12) and a radio-frequency transponder are also provided, including an RF chip in electrical communication with an antenna (22). The identification device including the holographic image (18) allows both electronic identification through the reading of identification data stored in the chip and optical identification via the holographic image.

Selective metal removal process for metallized retro-reflective and holographic films and radio frequency devices made therewith
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April 30, 2002
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November 7, 2002
Rietzler Manfred
Cortina Francisco
Martinez de Velasco
Rietzler Manfred
Cortina Francisco
Martinez de Velasco
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