Virtual two-dimensional patterns (204) representing different portions of the wear article are assembled into a virtual three-dimensional wear article (207). A material type (214a) is associated with one or more of the virtual patterns (204) and the virtual three-dimensional wear article (207). The material type (214a) has data representing physical properties of the material type. In order to display the virtual three-dimensional wear article (207) on a virtual three-dimensional model (210), data associated with the model (210) and the wear article (207) are compared to determine the non-intersection of the wear article (207) with the model (210). The wear article (207) is then conformed to the model (210) within constraints imposed by the physical property data of the material type. With this arrangement, the wear article (207) can stretch, flex, sag, etc., on the model (210) to better approximate the real-life fit and look of the wear article on the model during design of the wear article.

System and method for simulation of virtual wear articles on virtual models
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
February 21, 2002
Publication Date
September 6, 2002
Cegla Eldar
Nevo Noam
Feld Avihay
Cegla Eldar
Nevo Noam
Feld Avihay
Browzwear International
G06T 17/00
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