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This invention relates generally to the field of microarray technology. In particular, the invention provides an integrated macroarray device, which device comprises a substrate comprising a plurality of distinct microlocations and a plurality of microarray chips, wherein the number of said microlocations equals to or is more then the number of said microarray chip. In preferred embodiments, the devices also comprises a temperature controller at some or all of the microlocations. The use of the integrated microarray devices for detecting interactions among various moieties in various fields, such as clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, environmental monitoring and forensic analysis, etc., are further provided.

Integrated microarray devices
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July 2, 2001
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January 10, 2002
Cheng Jing
Xing Wan Li
Xu Junquan
Shao Wei
ZHAO Robin R
Tsinghua University
Capital Biochip Company
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