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An ammonia sprayer of relatively simple construction, which, when ammonia is to be injected into exhaust gases, greatly decreases the danger of an ammonia injection port being closed by an ammonia compound produced by the reaction of ammonia with sulfuric oxides in the exhaust gases; and an exhaust gas desulfurizer using the same. Ammonia gas (11), water (12) and air (13) are supplied through separate flow channels (2, 3, 4) and are mixed together in the front end interior of the mixture sprayer and/or outside and sprayed. In an ejection port (5, 9) through which ammonia is finally ejected out of the sprayer, it is arranged that the supplied water passes either through the ejection port or in the vicinity thereof. The action of the water ensures that even if reaction products adhere to the ejection port, they are washed away.

Water-ammonia mixture sprayer and exhaust gas desulfurizer using the same
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June 29, 2001
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January 10, 2002
Izutsu Masahiro
Izutsu Masahiro
Ebara Corporation
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