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A catheter apparatus (42) includes an arterial catheter (46) and venous catheter (44) insertable into an artery (30) and an adjacent vein (36), respectively, to a position for crating a fistula (54). The venous catheter (44) includes an expandable structure (48) to expand a portion of the vein (36) adjacent the venous fistula site (54) towards contact with the wall (32) of the artery. The expandable structure (48) of the venous catheter (44) may include one or more balloons (48), a wire basket (120), or the vein (36) can be expanded by injecting a fluid through an injection port (128) into an isolated area (130) of the vein (36). The apparatus (42) includes a tool (78) for crating an opening (80, 82) through the wall (32) of the artery (30) adjacent the arterial fistula site (54), which may include a needle (78) switchable between an inactive and active configuration. The fistula (54) may be completed with the aid of a stent (100), and the proximal portion of the vein (36) blocked with an embolization device (114).

Catheter apparatus and method for arterializing a vein
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July 2, 2001
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January 10, 2002
Heuser Richard R
Heuser Richard R
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