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A vehicular video mirror system includes an interior rearview mirror assembly and a video display assembly. The interior rearview mirror assembly includes a mirror casing incorporating a reflective element. The mirror assembly further includes a mirror-mounting portion. The mirror casing is adjustable about the mirror-mounting portion for adjusting the rearward field of view of the reflective element. The video display assembly includes a video screen which is incorporated in a video display housing. The display housing is adapted to be adjustable about the display-mounting portion for adjusting the orientation of the video screen and, further, for moving the display housing to a stowed position whereby the video screen is generally not viewable by a driver when seated in a vehicle seat in the vehicle to thereby minimize the distraction to the driver of the vehicle.

Video mirror systems incorporating an accessory module
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February 26, 2001
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September 7, 2001
Lynam Niall R
Bingle Robert L
O Brien Frank
Schofield Kenneth
COLLINS Catherine S
Donnelly Corporation
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