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Amide compounds that modulate and/or inhibit the activity of certain protein kinases are described. These compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing them are capable of mediating tyrosine kinase signal transduction in order to modulate and/or inhibit unwanted cell proliferation. The invention is also directed to the therapeutic or prophylactic use of pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds, and to methods of treating cancer as well as other disease states associated with unwanted angiogenesis and/or cellular proliferation, such as diabetic retinopathy, neovascular glaucoma, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriasis, by administering effective amounts of such compounds.

Amide compounds for inhibiting protein kinases
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January 19, 2001
Publication Date
July 26, 2001
Jia Lei
Varney Michael David
Peng Zhengwei
Palmer Cynthia Louise
Nambu Mitchell David
Deal Judith Gail
Cripps Stephan James
Collins Michael Raymond
Bhumralkar Dilip
Bender Steven Lee
GADIANO Christina
Agouron Pharmaceuticals
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