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Methods are disclosed for producing absorbent articles comprising molded airlaid webs and other molded fibrous webs. The molded webs can offer improved body fit and/or improved fluid handling. Molded airlaid webs, for example, can be formed having a central longitudinal hump (22) and flexure zones (32) longitudinally removed from the central hump (22) to provide good contact with the body and improved fit when the article is squeezed from the sides. Molding can be achieved when a binder material is activated by an energy source and the web is held against a molding substrate. Energy sources can include microwaves, heated air, heated metal surfaces, ultraviolet radiation, ultrasonic energy, and the like.

Method of making molded cellulosic webs for use in absorbent articles
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October 13, 2000
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April 19, 2001
Makoui Kambiz Bayat
Sun Tong
Bednarz Julie Marie
Vogt Robert Eugene
Chen Fung Jou
Lindsay Jeffrey Dean
PUGLIESE Sebastian
Kimberly Clark Worldwide
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