The present invention pertains to novel strains of Pseudomonas corrugata and the use of the strains in biological control against soil-borne pathogens of plants. A number of these strains are shown to be effective in reducing or controlling soil-borne pathogens of plants, including, but not limited to peas, potatoes and wheat. In particular the present invention pertains to 3 strains of Pseudomonas corrugata herein referred to as 0782-6, 0683-32 and 1090-11. P. corrugata isolates 0782-6 and 0683-32 have been identified as having the strongest antimicrobial activity to a variety of plants. Isolate 1090-11 showed little or no antifungal activity. The P. corrugata strains may be formulated with a variety of delivery mediums to produce bacterial inocula, that may be used as either a dry powder or liquid suspension. Also encompassed by this invention is a method of identifying and selecting desiccation tolerant strains of bacteria and a method of producing the desiccated formulations of the identified strains.

Use of pseudomonas corrugata as a biological control agent
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May 25, 2000
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January 18, 2001
Chun Wesley W C
Idaho Research Foundation
C12P 01/04
A01N 63/00
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