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Medical conditions of a plurality of remotely located patients are monitored, diagnosed, prioritized and treated using a central data processing system configured to communicate with and receive data from a plurality of respective patient monitoring systems. Patient monitoring systems are capable of receiving and storing patient data and may include a medicine dosage algorithm for using the stored patient data to generate medicine dosage recommendations to a patient. A central data processing system is configured to obtain patient data from each patient monitoring system and analyze the obtained patient data to identify medical conditions of each respective patient. A central data processing system may include medicine dosage algorithms. Identified patient medical conditions for each respective patient are displayed in selectable, prioritized order according to medical severity via one or more remotely located clients in communication with a central data processing system. Modifications to medicine dosages, medicine dosage algorithms, patient fixed or contingent self-monitoring schedules, as well as other treatment information, may be communicated directly to a patient or to a patient monitoring system.

Systems, methods and computer program products for monitoring, diagnosing and treating medical conditions of remotely located patients
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December 21, 1998
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September 16, 1999
Cummings Sandra E
Allen Lyle M Iii
Surwit Richard S
Cummings Sandra E
Allen Lyle M Iii
Surwit Richard S
Healthware Corporation
G06F 19/00
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