A device for measuring the time of flight, speed, and trajectory height of a projectile, such as a baseball, football, hockey puck, or model rocket, or the time and speed of swing of a movable object, such as a baseball bat or golf club. Part of the device, called the object unit, is embedded, secured, or attached to the projectile or movable object of interest, and consists of an acceleration sensor, threshold circuit, and a radio transmitter. The other part of the device, called the monitor unit (108), is held or worn by the user and serves as the user interface for the device. The monitor unit (108) has a radio receiver, a processor, an input keypad (202) and a display that shows the various measured motion characteristics of the projectile or movable object, such as distance (204), time of flight (206), speed (208), and trajectory height (210), and allows the user to input data to the device.

A time of motion, speed, and trajectory height measuring device
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January 7, 1999
Publication Date
July 22, 1999
Marinelli David J
Marinelli David J
Silicon Pie
A63B 24/00
A63B 43/00
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