A weekly or other regularly scheduled game of chance is conducted in conjunction with a series of seasonal sporting events, such as baseball, football, hockey, U.S. and international basketball and volleyball games, in which a number of specific games are identified on a printed or electronic game card, and the participant marks the game card with the predicted total of points scored by both teams for each of the identified sporting events, which can include one or more alternate events. Data related to predicted scores and the fee paid are entered into a programmed central computer system for eventual processing and matching with data entered for the actual scores when the identified games are completed to identify the winners. The participant receives a receipt and unique transaction code. Participant data entry and payment means can include third-party ATMs and cash machines, and third-party vendors and 'participants' PCs connected to the central computer via the Internet, with payment made through the participant's credit or debit accounts. In an alternative embodiment, predictions can include the actual number of points scored during subsets of the contests.

Apparatus and method for conducting games of chance
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October 13, 1998
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April 22, 1999
Kail Gianni
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