A medical image management system of the type including an image archive server for receiving image datasets from image acquisition computers closely associated with medical imaging devices and maintaining a central store for the image datasets, and a plurality of remote display stations for displaying images from requested image datasets which are retrieved by the image archive server from the image data store is provided with an authentication and security system which includes an authentication server for maintaining and storing hashes and timestamps, and for providing hash, timestamp pairs in encrypted form in response to requests from display stations including an identifier. The image acquisition computers are configured for pre-processing the image datasets received from these devices, including performing any required image compression, encrypting at least a portion of the image datasets, computing hashes and providing them and identifiers to the authentication server, receiving timestamps from the authentication server which are then inserted in the pre-processed image datasets, and sending the pre-processed image datasets to the image archive server for storage in the image data store. The display stations are configured for decrypting and performing any required data decompression on the pre-processed image datasets sent them by the image archive server, computing hashes from the image datasets, requesting and decrypting hash/timestamp pairs received from the authentication server, and comparing the hashes, and optionally the timestamps, obtained from the authentication server with those computed or extracted from the image datasets received from the image archive server.

A digital trust center for medical image authentication
Application Number
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May 29, 1998
Publication Date
March 18, 1999
Yu James Yuan Pin
Wong Stephen T
Koninklijke Philips Electronics
H04N 01/32
H04N 01/21
G06T 01/00
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