A weapons training range provides a simulated weapons use scenario including return fire. A microprocessor select branches from a multi-branch program and causes an image projector to project subscenarios on a display screen visible to a participant. In response to the subscenarios, the participant fires at projected threats. Return fire simulators positioned behind the display screen return fire toward the participant. Obstructions are placed in the weapons range to provide cover for the participant. A video camera and X-Y position sensor identify the X-Y location of the participant and try to detect exposed portions of the participant. Based upon the identified X-Y location and any detected exposed portions, the microprocessor aims the return fire simulators to provide simulated return fire. To simulate real world aiming, the microprocessor induces time-based and response-based aiming errors. Additionally, the microprocessor may aim the return fire simulators at objects in the participation zone to produce deflected fire that may also strike the participant.

Electronically controlled weapons range with return fire
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
April 24, 1997
Publication Date
November 6, 1997
Treat Erwin C Jr
Muehle Eric G
sTEGREENE Clarence T
Advanced Interactive Systems
F41G 03/26
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