A disk arthroplasty device (310) is provided for replacement of a spinal disk. The device is implantable into a resected disk space and is formed with ball (346) and socket (326) members and shaped to provide lateral bending and backward extension of up to about 5° and forward flexion of up to about 15°. Four embodiments (10, 110, 210 and 310) permit up to about 5° axial rotation, and a fifth embodiment (410) permits unrestricted axial rotation. Metal insert cups (70 and 170) are provided for attaching to the device surfaces and are convexly shaped along one axis to conform to the natural contours of the top and bottom vertebra surfaces. The metal insert cups (70 and 170) provide tensile support to the structure and provide for the attachment of additional structures for retaining the device in position after implantation into a disk space.

Intervertebral disk arthroplasty device
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June 10, 1994
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October 12, 1995
Pettine Kenneth A
Salib Richard M
Boyd Lawrence M
BECK Michael D
Pettine Kenneth A
Salib Richard M
Boyd Lawrence M
Danek Medical
A61F 02/30
A61F 02/00
A61B 17/86
A61B 17/70
A61F 02/44
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