An apparatus and method for etching a point on the surface of a magnetic medium to reduce the reflectivity of the point and for verifying that proper etching occured. A light source (40) provides a collimated incident beam of light (42). The incident beam is focused to a point on the medium (57) and a portion of the beam is reflected. The reflected beam (67) is separated from the incident beam and the intensity is compared to a threshold value and verification is indicated if the measured intensity exceeds the threshold value.

Apparatus for and method of verifying etching of optical servo information on magnetic media
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June 4, 1993
Publication Date
December 23, 1993
Johnson Paul R
Short Robert
Bero James
Thomas Fred Charles
KURTZ Richard E
Minnesota Mining And Manufacturing Company
G11B 05/82
G11B 05/596
G11B 33/10
B23K 26/03
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