An apparatus for etching optical servo tracks on a magnetic storage disk (11) comprises optics for generating a beam of light for etching the servo tracks and a spindle (15) for rotating the disk (11) in proximity to the optics. The device further comprises a center pin (16) at the center of rotation of the spindle and an alignment pin (17) which is off-center of the spindle (15). A disk (11) to be etched is placed on the spindle (15) with the center pin (16) through a center hole (13) in the disk hub (12). A pressurized gas nozzle (18) directs bursts of pressurized gas toward the edge of the disk (11) to rotate the disk (11) until an alignment hole (14) in the disk hub (12) engages the alignment pin (17).

Pneumatic hub locking device for etching optical servo tracks on magnetic disks
Application Number
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June 7, 1993
Publication Date
December 23, 1993
Johnson Paul R
Thomas Fred Charles
KURTZ Richard E
Minnesota Mining And Manufacturing Company
G11B 05/82
G11B 05/596
B23K 26/14
B23K 26/08
B23K 26/06
B23K 26/04
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