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A method and apparatus for in vivo removal of calcified deposits from an aortic valve. The apparatus includes an anchoring balloon catheter (24) fixatable across the aortic valve, a tool (40) for removing the deposits (15), and attachment means (60) for securing the tool (40) with respect to the anchoring balloon (24) and the aortic valve. The method involves advancing an anchoring balloon catheter (24) through the aorta (10) and positioning it across the aortic valve, inflating the anchoring balloon (24) to fixate it with respect to the aorta (10) and aortic valve, and operating a deposit removal tool (40) secured to the anchoring balloon (24) to remove the deposits (15).

Method and apparatus for in vivo heart valve decalcification
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March 30, 1992
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October 15, 1992
Shturman Leonid
KAIHOI Gregory P
Shturman Cardiology Systems
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