Angioplasty and related medical dilatation balloons are molded from a polyurethane in which the 'soft' segment is a minor segment by weight and the 'hard' segment is the major segment by weight and which polyurethane has a hardness of at least 75D and a glass transition temperature of more than about 38°C. The balloons (2) can be integrally molded on one end (10) of a catheter (8) fabricated from the above type of polyurethane. Alternatively, the balloon (2) is formed from polyurethane of the above type and the catheter (8) is formed from elastomeric polyurethane and like polymers commonly employed in preparation of catheters. The balloon (2) is then bonded to the catheter (8) by conventional procedures.

Angioplasty balloons and balloon catheters
Application Number
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August 4, 1989
Publication Date
February 22, 1990
Shah Tilak M
Johnson Thomas R
Gahara William J
ST ONGE Ronald J
Worldwide Medical Plastics
A61M 29/02
A61M 25/00
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