Apparatus and method for testing and enhancing the ability of a football player to quickly react to visual stimuli. When the player (X) leaves a starting position (10, 74), a first timer (48, 96) and a second timer (50, 98) begin counting in response to the breaking of a light beam (12, 76). When the player reaches a first reaction point (14, 80), the first counter is stopped thus containing an indication of how long it took for the player to reach the first reaction point. Simultaneously therewith, one of a battery of lights (20, 84), is energized indicating to the athlete that he must undertake and complete a particular action. This action may represent a cut right or cut left or may require the athlete to throw a ball at a particular target (86, 88, 90). The second timer is stopped when all the required actions have been completed thus giving an indication of how long it took the player to complete the entire course.

Athletic evaluation and training apparatus
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January 21, 1987
Publication Date
July 28, 1988
Philipp Harald
A63B 69/00
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